The word break is one of the words with a lot of meanings, as can be seen on the following page: https://muse.dillfrog.com/meaning/word/break
It's a good starting point to underline that software testing has many aspects.

  • click here if you want to start creating an overview how to structure you test planning. (only in Dutch for the moment, it will be translated)

  • Although there might be a lot of people that would like to see software testing as something systematic and static, it will always be something that will organicaly grow (in a company) and is very context dependend.

    One of the Break software testing methodology's rules: there is a physical link between the requirements and the automation tooling.

    Tip! read this : https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/software-engineering-requirements-engineering-process/#requirements-engineering-process
    and understand that the 'Requirements Mangement' aspect of Requirements Engineering must be somehow linked to the test automation!